Blog Setup

So here’s the setup I have right now:

  • GitHub Pages - Obviously.
  • Jekyll - The tech powering this whole bloggy thing.
  • Jekyll theme: Hyde - I like the simple display of the posts + the simple side menu.

One thing I wanted to do was migrate my posts over to Jekyll (I hate making switches and having to start completely fresh). Jekyll’s site had a handy page on various ways of importing stuff, this one is specifically for importing stuff. I ended up using the exitwp tool mentioned on that page. That took all the text and converted them to individual files under the _posts directory, but all the images were linked to the files over at I wanted this all hosted on GitHub Pages, so I had to go and manually download each image and change the code on each post. Luckily there weren’t that many posts…

Another issue I ran into was getting ruby setup properly on this Ubuntu box so I could run Jekyll locally to checkout posts before publishing them or testing themes. The default ruby package is only v1.9 and Jekyll needs v2.0+. I don’t do a lot of coding so having multiple versions on a single machine was a learning curve. I ended up using rvm to handle this. The site has a pretty straight forward page on installing rvm. Then I found this page for steps on how to make v2.2.3 the default.

Written on October 15, 2015